Admissions Problems

no, your kid isn't special at all actually...


Replace “evening” with “every fucking day of March and what appears to be every fucking day of April even though it’s only been one day of April”.

We all know how it is. Decisions are out. (Lack of) Financial aid has hit mailboxes and inboxes. We have a late night every other evening and an accepted student open house every other Saturday. Everyone and their best friend’s sister’s cousin’s boyfriend who used to live six streets over from our college President who retired 8 years ago absolutely HAS TO HAVE A TOUR ON THIS ONE DAY AND AT 5:30 because they already have plans to have dinner with cousin Teresa in the next town over. And those plans are CONCRETE.

We haven’t forgotten about all of you. Just busy. Forgive us. We just set up some posts, so at least you can project all your hope on our inconsistent promise fulfillment.

Back soon. Hang in there.


If we’re trying to be uber-sensitive here (as has been requested of us recently), this is a season filled with fun as well. We get to see our favorites admitted, our least favorites (or vast unknowns) denied, financial aid get stretched as thin as it can go, and eat as many meals on the school’s dime as possible due to extensive spring programming.

But all the fun that is March and April also packs a punch to the amoebic nuts. And the amoebic nuts are exhaustively beaten.

What would be amoebic nuts? Mitochondria? Ribosomes? We digress.

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks and have a couple of busy ones ahead. Hang tight, and we’ll get posts back on track when we don’t walk in the door and immediately collapse on the floor with keys still in hand.

More to come soon. Cheers to yielding season.


Sorry loyal followers. Even Admissions Problems gets sick. We should be back to posting this weekend/next week.